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Asterion GGG e-sports team

Asterion GGG e-sport girl gamer galaxy

Girls in e-sports

Girl Gamer Galaxy (GGG) is starting an e-sports team together with Asterion. Asterion is a global eSports management and enhancement team. The team is lead and run by a number of passionate professionals who all have an affinity for gaming. The members put in 100% to give our eSport Athletes the best support in their growth in gaming and popularity.

Asterion GGG

Team Asterion GGG will start competing at different LAN’s in the Benelux and online tournaments. They will play with highend gaming gear sponsored by Coolermaster. The women behind Girl Gamer Galaxy will give support during the competitions and help the female¬†eSport Athletes to expand their social media.

Scouting for talent!

At this moment we are not scouting talent.